This Is Why Israel Should Worry That The Taliban Is Back

by Micha Gefen

In the throes of the Arab Spring, when the Middle East was entering a chaotic phase of upheaval, there was a sort of calmness in Israel that no matter what the storm of destruction winding its way through the Sunni world was – it would not touch Israel. This is despite Obama being president.

However, in 2021, the world seems to be far more out of control and Israel’s position appears to be far more precarious. With America led by a President whose mental faculties are questionable and the majority of American leaders and citizens now ascribing to a “woke” culture, the idea that the world is heading to some sort of stable end game is laughable.

This is why Taliban’s return to power is dangerous for Israel. The Arab Spring was about chaos. Bibi’s response to it and Obama was to make friends elsewhere. Yet, Bennett and Lapid decided to return to a special status relationship with America right at the time that the once great empire is collapsing.

While no one suggests to disconnect from America right now, pinning all you hopes on a country that appears to be self destructing is not an intelligent strategy.

More than that, the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan means that more and more terror bases will be built and the terror groups surrounding Israel will have less reason to give in.

Right about now, Bennett should postpone his trip to the USA and instead fly to the UAE, India, Taiwan, and Japan start building a new alliance. Maybe, just maybe, the chaos will stop at the doorsteps of the Land of Israel.

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