President Trump’s Hanukkah message had Jews everywhere feeling hopeful

by Leah Rosenberg

There is something mystically unique about the Jewish people. And when the someone like President Trump can recognize that, it is worth hearing.


The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah is a joyous time! It is the festival of lights. This holiday commemorates the miracles that God performed for the Jewish people. There were many miracles – oil lasting in the Menorah for 8 days despite there only being enough for one day, the unthinkable victory of the few Jews over the many Greeks. If you think about all the miracles that took place, it would not be possible without God’s help!

And today as well – the Jewish people would not be able to survive without God’s help (nor would anyone or anything). God has continued to deliver Israel’s enemies into her hands – the few have defeated the many. And it has happened on multiple occasions. The mere existence of the modern state of Israel is beyond miraculous.

When people of other nations and faiths recognize those miracles, THAT is a miracle in itself!

President Trump’s Hanukkah Message

President Trump realizes that there is something unique about the Jewish people. So many people ignore it, but he addresses it. The Jews have been oppressed, beaten, murdered, and yet they still remain undefeated. He said, “Throughout history, the Jewish people have suffered unthinkable repression and terrible violence. Yet in the face of this hardship, the Jewish people have endured, overcome, and thrived. The Jewish people built a mighty and majestic nation, a thriving democracy in the heart of the Middle East, and a light of hope to all of the world.”

In his Hanukkah message, he reminded the Jewish people and the Jewish state of his unwavering support.

This message from the President is appreciated.

Let us all recognize the “ancient” miracles that are still happening today.

Dr. Risch

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