Trump strongly threatens Iran: “They will pay a price like few countries have ever paid”

by Phil Schneider

President Trump is not scared of confrontation. Following the Obama administration and EU cow-towing to Iran, watching President Trump is a breath of fresh air.  When he draws up clear red lines on Iran, it is natural to feel secure.  These are real red lines that will stand.

What is excellent about the President’s criticism of the Iran deal is that he clearly labels the entire foundation of the deal as wrong. Moreover, he rips apart the basic concept of the United States taking the lead as the leader of the free world. France is a central county in the EU. President Trump makes a strong statement to the EU too by threatening Iran right in front of President Macron of France.

First off, President Trump makes it perfectly clear that the United States does not need to coordinate first and hit back second. Rather, the United States stands ready and will hit Iran back – and hit hard – if Iran attacks.

Secondly, President Trump knows that Iran takes his threats seriously. Before attacking Syria, President Trump threatened and followed through. He is steadily building up a clear reputation as a fearless leader.

Not just a talker

If Iran is smart and does not want to face an internal revolution, they better scream or at least whisper “uncle” to the United States. Iran understands force.  President Trump made it perfectly clear at the outset of his presidency that when necessary, he is willing to exercise force.

Back in April 2017, just a few months after Trump became President, the US bombed an ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan. It wasn’t a small attack – it was with the massive MOAB bomb. Then press secretary, Sean Spicer, said that it “targeted a system of tunnels and caves that ISIS fighters used to move around freely. ..making it easier for them to target U.S. military advisers and Afghan forces in the area.”

Although this was widely covered in the US Press at the time, soon afterwards it was forgotten.  It would seem that the significance of the bombing may have been underrated by most of the press in the US. In the Middle East, the terrorists understand force more than anything else. President Trump understands this. He has always claimed he does not want to drag the US Military into any protracted battles.  The key to doing this is to show his total willingness to use overwhelming force. Now that that is established, he is willing to do what he does best – threaten with alot of bluster. When your opponent knows that threats are real, then you are at a great advantage.

Iran will buckle under – or else they will pay the consequences. Here’s to another President Trump foreign policy victory.

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