Before “Peacefully” Stoning IDF Soldiers You May Want to First Make Sure No Friends Are In the Way

by Avi Abelow

Hamas and Gazans held their fifth week of “peaceful” protests on the Gaza border fence. Another week of stonings, kite bombs, fence destruction and attempted illegal infiltrations into Israel. This stoning didn’t go as planned.  While the media portrays these protests as “peaceful,” the Gazan in this video can tell you otherwise. He was hit badly by his own friend.

Attempted Infiltrations

That was only one act of violence the media is hiding from the world. That was one stoning of many. There were a number of bombs placed on the border fence. As well as some attempted infiltrations through the fence.

Media Bias Against Israel

Every country has the right to stop illegal infiltrations into their country. Defending one’s border is a basic right that all citizens expect from their elected governments, even if the results don’t look good on television.

Hamas is planning these mass infiltrations to either storm into Israel and kill innocent Israelis, or gain a public relations win.  Their goal is to make Israel look bad for shooting at protesters.

Israelis prefer that Israel and the IDF defend against potential terror attacks. We are willing to have the media make us look bad, even though they are ignoring the truth about the situation.

The Facts the Media Ignore

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