President Trump Issues Very Worrying Statement about Peace Talks with Israel

by Avi Abelow

At a campaign rally in Charleston, WV, President Trump said that Israel would “pay a higher price” in the peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.  Why?  Because Israel had already received recognition of Jerusalem as its capital. He continued saying that “they (the Palestinian Authority) will get something very good, because it’s their turn next”.


Why does the Palestinian Authority deserve “a turn” for a good thing? The Palestinians have said “no” to every peace deal. They use US taxpayer money to reward terrorists sitting in jail depending upon how many Jews they murdered. The whole refugee issue is a scam.  The US State Department has a secret report that clarifies that only around 25,000 refugees are still alive.  The bloated number of 5 million+ refugees that people throw around is a lie.

Does this sound like a partner interested in peace? Then why should Israel have to pay a “high” price?

Israel is the closest ally of the United States of America.  Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority supports the enemies of the United States of America.

Why is Trump saying that Israel will have to pay a “high price” for something President Trump has said himself was the “right thing to do”?

This recent statement is extremely worrying.

Full Context

President Trump was talking about how he moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem. “We took it (Jerusalem the capital) off the table,” the President said, explaining: “In past negotiations, they never got past Jerusalem. Now Israel will have to pay a higher price because it’s off the table. The Palestinians will get something very good because it’s their turn next.”

Officials Downplay his Statement

Senior US officials tried to calm Israeli concerns, as a result of President Trump’s comment by saying that “the US will not impose unacceptable conditions on Israel in its peace plan.”


Hopefully, this is just part of President Trump’s ‘art of the deal’, to pressure the Palestinian Authority, press them into a corner, and then walk away from, as they have walked away from every peace deal ever offered.

To us it is clear that the Palestinian Authority will say NO to any peace deal President Trump offers. It is not a question of if they will say no, but how President Trump will punish them for saying no to his great deal of the century.

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