Farmer near Gaza border shares his personal story of what Hamas destroyed

by Leah Rosenberg

Meet Amir – a farmer from Southern Israel whose land has been destroyed by Hamas. His crop is gone because Hamas has sent fire kites and balloons.

Fires in Southern Israel

Take a look at Southern Israel. See what the communities have been facing for months now. Hamas has been sending fire kites and balloons to destroy Israeli land. Crops and food have been completely obliterated. And farmers like Amir from Kibbutz Nahal Oz are feeling the destruction heavily. His community is only 1.5 miles from the Gaza border. All he wants is for the fires to stop. He wants to live in peace. But Hamas won’t allow that.

Can you hear his story and feel his pain?

The Devastation

The fires won’t make the front page of the news. People don’t realize the extent of the destruction. They don’t realize the damage Hamas has caused – physically and emotionally. Hamas has caused more devastation than anyone can fathom. The green has turned to black because of the constant fires. Thousands and thousands of acres of land and food – gone.

The U.N. Must Condemn Hamas

Has there been an international outcry to condemn Hamas? Why doesn’t the world care that Hamas is burning Israel? Amir is pleading for this to stop. He wants you to sign the petition for the U.N. to condemn Hamas for what they are doing. Hamas is a terrorist organization. Is that not clear enough?

The fact that there even needs to be a petition asking the United Nations to condemn Hamas’s actions is absurd. The U.N. is so one-sided that they can’t even manage to call out terrorism.

So, people like Amir are forced to call on the U.N. to stop Hamas. Amir and other Israeli civilians and farmers have suffered so much. And they don’t want to suffer anymore.


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