FBI Raids Donald Trump’s House, Is America On The Brink?

by Micha Gefen

America’s enemies are gathering, inflation is unparalleled, and political infighting along with a serious cultural divide makes the prospects of a hegemonic USA doubtful.

Last night’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, is a turning point in American history. If the rumors are true, the DOJ will try to charge the President un such a way that prevents him from running in 2024 – essentially using the government to politically cripple their opponents. This is something third world countries and despotic regimes do – not democratic republics.

Never before in American history did one group of politicians use their power to destroy another group’s ability to challenge them. This is now the place America has reached.

Will there be a civil war – maybe, but more than likely citizens will pull back as the authoritarian forces in the government take more and more power. What will the impact on the world be?

Well, if this is happening in America then for sure it will happen in other so-called democracies. And when that happens a new sort of darkness will come upon all of us.

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