Last Hours of Netzer Hazani, Gush Katif, Gaza

by Avi Abelow

17 years ago today, on the Jewish calendar, the Jewish community of Netzer Hazani, Gaza was uprooted and destroyed. I was in Netzer Hazani when they were expelled. I took this video footage from my camera in order to document everything that was transpiring.

This is the 4 minute video of Netzer Hazani that spread around the world and was the inspiration for me to produce Home Game the movie. This clip documents the emotions and scenes of the last hours of the Jewish Netzer Hazani village, located in Gush Katif/Gaza Strip, as part of Israel’s “disengagement” from Gaza the summer of 2005. Back in the summer of 2005 there was no youtube, there were no smartphones, yet with the help from the one above I was successful in making this video go viral so people all over the world could see what was happening to fellow Jews, not being reported upon properly by the media.

Our government told us that they decided to destroy 21 Jewish communities in the Gaza strip and expel 10,000 Jews from their homes in order to bring peace, by removing all Jewish presence amongst the Arab Muslims in Gaza. The government and the media painted all of Jews who were against this plan as “enemies of peace”.

Destroying these Jewish communities in Gaza was the worst security/diplomatic decision ever, with the pullout from Lebanon being the second biggest security/diplomatic error that endangered Israel.

Anytime Israel gives away land, that land turns into a launchpad of terror and rockets at Israelis. Giving away land does not bring peace, it brings more war and violence. Worse, it whets the appetite of our enemies to continue their crusade to destroy the Jewish state of Israel.

Every single day of violence from Gaza and every single injury or death from Gaza terrorists belongs to the evil leftist/progressive ideology of appeasement.

We will have peace in Gaza one day, the day Israel resettles the Gaza Jewish communities and puts a total stop to all the terror infrastructure in Gaza by giving Gaza residents a simple choice – either live in peace and enjoy the benefits of the Jewish state of Israel or leave. Those are the only two options. Peace is possible yesterday, we just need leaders.

Dr. Risch

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