Trump-Haters Have Been Left Speechless by This Video

by Leah Rosenberg

What can Trump-haters respond to this? The stats don’t lie. This is so telling about the Biden administration vs. the Trump administration.

Trump-Haters Have Been Silenced

You don’t have to love Trump to admit that under his administration, terrorism was not tolerated. He showed the world that he stood by Israel. He cut funding to the P.A. Trump-haters cannot ignore these facts shown in this video. The truth is the truth.

Any honest person can admit that Trump has done good things. And any honest person knows that many people in the world demonize the Jewish state out of pure hatred for the Jewish people. They claim they are just against the government, but that is a complete lie. Those who stand against Israel are standing with those who want to destroy it. People who call for a ceasefire are telling Israel to stop destroying the terror organization that carried out the worst massacre in the Land of Israel and the worst massacre since the Holocaust. How dare these ignoramuses get involved? How dare they try to stop Israel and give Hamas the upper hand?

It’s time to look at history, look at the facts, and stop ignoring the truth. Israel is a country fighting for the right to exist in peace as the one and only Jewish state. They are not out to kill those who want to live peacefully. The P.A. (Palestinian Authority) is a terror organization, just like Hamas but with a different name. The P.A. pays those who slaughter Jews. Who will you stand with and who will you stand against? Which side of history do you want to stand on?

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