Tortured by the Palestinian Authority for Preventing Terror Attacks

by Avi Abelow

This video is a must watch!  A brave Arab man was brutally tortured by the “Palestinian” Authority.  His crime?   He prevented terror attacks against Jews.

Poignant Description

This is the enemy we are up against that the world wants us to talk “peace” with and give away our land to make “peace”. What world leaders don’t understand is that giving up our land won’t bring peace.  It will bring more terror and violence.

This man makes it quite clear how much he loves Israel and how much he hates the Muslim society he grew up in. It was in an Israeli jail that he learnt that all his life he was fed lies by the Muslim society he grew up in.

“I was brainwashed. I was taught to hate Jews.” He then saw the truth about the Jewish people when he spent time in Israeli prison.  There he saw that he was lied to all of his life. He witnessed firsthand how the Jews not only did not want to kill them, but they helped him in so many ways.

Arrested for Stopping Attacks

He then returned to his home and was arrested for stopping terror attacks. He describes in detail the horrible ways that he was interrogated and tortured by the Palestinian Authority.

More people need to see this video and understand the truth for themselves about the Palestinian Authority, our “peace” partner.

Arab Incitement
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