Tony Blair and Jared Kushner openly speak about the peace plan

by Phil Schneider

The peace plan of the White House is a very bold and out-of-the-box plan. It basically posits that the core of the solution to the basic issues of the Middle East is economical. This may be true on a certain level, but it is probably not. Former Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair properly points out that ultimately, there needs to be a political solution to the Middle East in addition to an economical plan. However, he is correct in noting that the economical plan may provide the framework that will allow for the proper environment for a political plan to succeed.

What is good about this plan is that it is not based on appeasing people with dictatorial tendencies. It is based on using as much economic leverage as possible among all of the players in the Middle East and there dependency on the goodwill of the United States. This is a prudent move that has never been adopted at this level in the past.

Re-education via Economic Incentives

The core of the idea that people with strongly held opinions and their leadership can be swayed via major economic incentives is not a new concept. But, it has rarely been attempted on this level. It is clearly one of the basic concepts of the foreign policy of the Trump administration. The policy of dealing with North Korea via major economic incentives may indeed prove to be revolutionary. There are those who have claimed that North Korea is a brutal dictatorship and therefore none of these tactics will work. On the other hand, there is no question that the most ruthless dictators and their closest advisors are much more exposed to the outside world than in the past. Therefore, there is much more of a chance that they actually do have more dreams of one day reigning over a more rich and popular friendly dictatorship than the ruthless kind of today. Is this what President Trump and Jared Kushner are trying to accomplish in the Middle East? Will this succeed where so many others have failed? I think they will probably fail. As Tony Blair says so clearly, the only way that this will succeed is when the trust between both sides goes deep. That is probably something that will not change for at least a generation or two. But, they most certainly deserve an A for effort for thinking out of the box and giving it their all. And perhaps we will all be surprised and we will see that the power of good economics trumps all.

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