This is what happens when a Jewish chazzan joins a Mexican Mariachi Band

by Chaya Cikk

WOW! This version of Ein Kelokeinu is amazing! Sung by the Chazzan Moshe Mendelson together with a Mexican Mariachi band it really adds to the song.


The Chazzan is the Cantor who sings the prayers in the Synagogue on Shabbat and Festival services. He can sing a song to any tune and make the prayers a very uplifting experience. Here, for instance, Moshe Mendelsohn sings a song Ein Kelokeinu, sang at the end of the Shabbat morning services. Additionally, with this Mexican band, it has a nice upbeat tune and is very pleasant to listen to.

Finally, every chazzan adds their own unique touch to the songs of the prayer service. By adding their own tune to each song, it, therefore, makes every song unique.


There is none like our God, There is none like our Lord,
There is none like our King, There is none like our Savior.
Who is like our God? Who is like our Lord?
Who is like our King? Who is like our Savior?
Let us thank our God, Let us thank our Lord,
Let us thank our King, Let us thank our Savior.
Blessed be our God, Blessed be our Lord,
Blessed be our King, Blessed be our Savior.
You are our God, You are our Lord,
You are our King, You are our Savior.
You are the one before whom
our fathers burned the incense of spice.
You will save us.
You will arise and show mercy to Zion, for it will
be the time to favor her, for the proper time
will have arrived.

What does this prayer mean to me? Well considering, it mentions different attributes of God, for example, God, Lord, King, Saviour, it shows that God is above all of us. After all, He will be the one to save us from exile. Certainly, you can not compare God to anything else.

Furthermore, we can not comprehend God. Despite not understanding the way He works or why He does what He does. Above all, we take a complete leap of faith in God.

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