The Christians who fight for full Jewish sovereignty in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

It is so important to have Jewish sovereignty in Israel. And Return O Israel is encouraging more Christians to support this.

Jewish Sovereignty

Not everyone understands why there has to be Jewish sovereignty over the state of Israel. Firstly, the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. It is God-given. That should be reason enough for the Jewish people to control their entire land. But aside from that, the Jewish people have made the land of Israel and their state flourish. They have created a vibrant democracy. Have you taken a look at what the Palestinian Arabs have created? In Gaza?In certain areas of Judea and Samaria? The leadership tortures its own people. There is poverty. Death. Terror. They have created something destructive.

Even Palestinian Arabs themselves would rather live under Israeli control than Palestinian Arab control! Doesn’t that tell you something so crucial?

Return O Israel

This Christian organization, Return O Israel, understands something that so much of the world is so ignorant about. More Christians are starting to see that Israel must have sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

As Rev Anthony Abma, CEO and founder of Return O Israel said, “We can see where the attempts of forcing Jewish conversion has resulted in a lot of contention, a lot of misunderstanding…” He also said that Christians need to accept that God made promises to the Jewish people that hold true because it’s God’s word. This new group sees how God blesses those who bless the Jewish nation!

Roe vs. Wade

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