Today is the day we name our enemy and retake our future

by Phil Schneider

Lt. Col West is a true leader, thinker, and hopefully future Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State. He truly gets it. He understands and knows how to express the genuine threats that we face today. As a military veteran, he views things from a totally different vantage point than other ideologues. He understands well that the Middle East is completely different than the Western world, and he understands that what goes on in the Middle East does indeed affect the rest of the world.

A Neville Chamberlain Moment

The most important line of this excellent speech is that we are in a Neville Chamberlain moment today. This is so right on. It is so much more tempting to not have to confront aggression with military force. It is so much more attractive to be known as a peacemaker who negotiates away problems and doesn’t have to kill in order to achieve goals. Neville Chamberlain was a good man who appeased a dictator. That decision was one of many decisions that ultimately allowed a madman to gobble up more and more of Europe. Ultimately, the German war machine led by the Nazi party would kill tens of millions of innocent civilians and tens of millions of soldiers. Could Neville Chamberlain have stopped German aggression from happening? No. The German plan to take over Europe and a big chunk of the Soviet Union was going to be attempted. But if a more Churchillian way of confrontation would have been the policy of Great Britain, then there would have been more barriers in the way of the German war machine. He who foresees doom is not always right. But pre-World War II, Churchill was right, and Chamberlain was wrong – dead wrong.

Today, it is the likes of Lt. Col. West who see the threats accurately. They are the leaders that should be guiding us through the challenges ahead. The progressive attitudes that pervade Congress today will grow into a chorus of appeasement in the face of terror. Either we will confront the issues that Col. West speaks about or we are in for a rude awakening.

Arab Incitement
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