After this warning, Iran should think twice before attacking Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran, think again before attacking Israel. Israel is not going to let the world’s top sponsor of terrorism destroy the only Jewish state. Hear it from Bibi.

Is Attacking Israel a Good Move?

No, unless they want to see the consequences. Israel will unleash its capabilities if Iran tries to do anything to harm the Jewish state. Bibi is not afraid to warn the terrorist regime. Israel has one of the best militaries in the world, some of the best technology, and of course, God’s hand.

So Iran, don’t even think about it.

Iranian Regime not so Popular

Despite what the Iranian regime wants you to believe, they are not as popular as it seems. The people are not happy with the current government. They want a change. And that means there could be an uprising.

There are many questions regarding the future and Iran: Will a deal be made? Will it be achieved through diplomatic means? Can a change in Iran’s leadership create a change in the country’s relationship with the world? Only time will give the answers. But for now, Iran should listen to Israel’s warning. They destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981. Israel has defeated its enemies for thousands of years. And they definitely have no plans to hold back now.

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