Simon and Garfunkel have never sounded so good

by Phil Schneider

The Simon and Garfunkel duo in the 60’s and the 70’s were so unique. There music made it into so many venues. But, now you can watch two Hasidic Jews performing their version in Israel. It is hard for someone who is not from Israel to understand the power of two Hasidic Jews singing this way in Israel.

Song as a way of Breaking Boundaries

Israel is a country with a varied population that is both super-unified and super-polarized. Some have claimed that Israel is like a big family that bickers all of the time. But after all, it is indeed one big family. The political climate in Israel is one that brings out much of the splintering of the Israeli population. The more Orthodox elements of the Israeli population generally live a much more insular lifestyle. They have much less to do with the more secular elements in the population. The idea of Hasidic Jews singing is not a major development. But, the idea of Hasidic Jews singing a secular song in front of a completely secular audience on a popular TV show in Israel is definitely a major deal. What is even more gratifying is how well they sing and perform.

More of this kind of thing is needed. The breaking if boundaries by talented leaders like these two brothers bring out the positive side of Israel. Not everyone can do this kind of thing. But those who can will continue to break down boundaries and bring more unity to the Jewish people.

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