Three Sons Of Ismail Haniyeh Are Killed In IDF Strike In Gaza As Nahal Holds The Strip

by Micha Gefen

The IDF struck Gaza City’s Shati Camp killing three sons of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. Several of the Jihadist leader’s grandchildren were also killed in the strike.

80% of Shati camp was entirely level in the early weeks of the IDF’s invasion of the Gaza Strip, with the rest of the buildings severely damaged. Anyone remaining is considered affiliated with Hamas. The strike also shows that the IDF remains on the offensive despite pulling most its active forces from the Strip a few days ago.

Ismail Haniyeh said the following over the deaths of his sons and grandchildren: “I thank God for this honor that he bestowed upon us with the martyrdom of my three sons and some grandchildren. With this pain and blood, we create hopes, a future, and freedom for our people, our cause, and our nation This is the response of the men of God who will end the occupation God willing.”

Nahal Holds The Strip

The remaining Nahal Brigade is in control of the Netzarim corridor, a three kilometer wide strip that leads from Kibbutz Beeri to the Gaza coast line splitting the strip in two. Despite the worry that the war is winding down, the IDF has invested millions of dollars in the corridor enabling the Nahal Brigade to not only be able control it, but take proactive measures in enclaves to both the North and the South.

The IDF has reported that the Nahal troops have been carrying out pinpoint raids and operations against Hamas sites in the area. The troops in recent days killed numerous gunmen in clashes and ambushes, as well as by calling in airstrikes and artillery shelling, according to the IDF.

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