An Arab Israeli’s Epic Response to Those Who Think Israel’s an Apartheid State

by Leah Rosenberg

Yoseph Haddad couldn’t have said it better. The end brings the point home so well that Israel is most definitely not an apartheid state.

Is Israel an Apartheid State?

You gotta love the way Yoseph Haddad did this video. He not only believes and says Israel is most definitely not an apartheid state, but he proves it with the facts. That is something the other side can never do. The side against Israel never proves anything with facts. Why? Because the facts don’t back them up. They scream loudly, but their chants are full of lies. Israel is far from an apartheid state. And as Haddad says to them, “You’re just an idiot. Don’t be an idiot.”

Does the Jewish state have things to improve upon? Of course! But they are no less perfect than any other democracy in the world. In fact, Israel is a lot better than a lot of other places. But people don’t care about the truth. And so, Yoseph Haddad will just call those people what they are. You have to love his honesty and his courage to always say things like they are and to stand up for what’s right. As an Arab Israeli, that might not be easy for him. But Haddad has shown his true dedication to the Jewish state despite the backlash he has received. This Arab Israeli is a true hero. He is standing on the right side of history, and the Jewish people and Israel thank him for that!

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