Shocking Proof Biden is Trying to Overthrow Bibi’s Government

by Phil Schneider

There is nothing new about a Democrat President trying to bring down Benjamin Netanyahu. Bill Clinton worked to bring down Netanyahu and Barack Obama has battled Netanyahu for 8 years as President and 8 more years as President emeritus.  

It is quite remarkable that Netanyahu’s main political rival, Binyamin Gantz, was summoned to Washington in order to facilitate bringing down Benjamin Netanyahu. Mark Levin argues that President Biden is actually trying to destroy Israel via strengthening Netanyahu’s rivals. So why is it not working?

For starters, even though Netanyahu was very much responsible for the terrible debacle of Israel’s defense on October 7th, the country is looking for a steady hand in terms of guiding the country through the difficulty of a 2, 3, or 4 front war. At this point, nobody comes anywhere close to Netanyahu in terms of engendering trust and guidance.  More importantly, Israel’s population has taken a sharp turn to the right and Netanyahu and Gantz are both well aware of this.

Pressure from the United States has a major impact on Israel. But a sharp ideological shift in Israel’s general population has even a greater shift. Biden’s pressure will impact. But Netanyahu is still sitting in the Prime Minister’s office for the foreseeable future.

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