This Will be the Next Viral Jewish Music Video

by Leah Rosenberg

When you come across a great Jewish music video, you just want to watch it again and again. Mordechai Shapiro nailed it with this song.

Must-See Jewish Music Video

Mordechai Shapiro really struck gold with this Jewish music video. “Ani Yehudi” is really powerful and beautiful. It speaks to Jewish people all over. It can be hard to be a proud Jew in certain areas of the world today. Sadly, people are hiding their Judaism. They are afraid to show who they really are. They are embarrassed and don’t want to be treated differently. But the Jewish people ARE different – in a good way. And when a Jew internalizes his purpose in the world and connects to who he really is, he can be a proud Jew.

This song is the perfect reminder to stand up and embrace who you are. We must defend our values.

The translation of the Hebrew lyrics are:

Every day they rise up against us
As much as possible
Even when they hate us
I stand and sing.

They are trying to break us
They think it is possible
Faith burns in us
This is a nation that cannot be broken. 

I'm Jewish
I'm not ashamed
I'm Jewish
I am not afraid of anyone.
I'm Jewish
I walk with G-d
We are all Jews
And our father is still alive. 

From afar they see us
Proudly we go
A Yarmulke is placed on our head
Tallit and tefillin.

And the waves wash over us
The water is turbulent
We hold on with all our might
We call to G-d.

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