Strong Warning: Roger Waters Goes Full on Nazi at Berlin Concert

by Phil Schneider

There always needs to be someone who will stretch the limits yet again in order to mainstream a radical idea. Nazism is still alive and well in the world. Now there are even well known performers willing to play the part of Nazis. Wonderful.

Anti-semitism has never disappeared from the world. It is as old as the Jew. It is indeed built in to the world.

Of course it should be battled in multiple ways. But there is only one sure way to battle against age-old anti-semitism. A strong and independent State of Israel will not rid the world against anti-semitism. But it allows the Jews, for the first time in millennia to have a fighting chance against it. It allows the Jewish people to fight and win with guns, not with fake passports.

It takes time for the world to get used to this idea. It takes time for the Jews around the world to get used to the idea. But today it is a reality. Today and every day, there are multiple attempts to attack Jews around the world. The solution is not Jewish pride in the exile or more guard cars in Jewish neighborhoods. These are all positive things, but wet band-aids on endemic problems that have no lasting value.

A proud Jewish State with a strong standing Army with Jewish values based on the Bible’s ethics is the best way to deal with world-wide anti-semitism. It is happening in front of our eyes.

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buddyboy May 30, 2023 - 11:41 pm

I pray to God that this SOB will get a taste of his own poisonous medicine in the not too distant future and will beg beg for help the Jewish nation. AMEN. And it wont be forthcoming.

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