This Video Should Convince Anyone to Stand with Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Without even knowing any facts or history, shouldn’t anyone want to stand with Israel and the Jewish people after seeing this?

Stand with Israel, Stand with Peace

For any person who actually cares about peace and love in this world, you don’t have to know much about history and the facts to see that it’s right and moral to stand with Israel. Yes, we must keep sharing the truth. We must keep sharing the history of the Jewish people and Israel. We must share the facts that Israel wants peace and does not oppress anyone but rather defends itself against its brutal enemies. The world has it so, so wrong.

But even without telling people over and over again about the truth, any moral and sane person should be able to look at the difference in the marches against antisemitism/supporting the Jewish people and Israel vs. the protests for the so-called “Palestinian” people and Hamas. Those going out to support the Jews and Israel are peaceful. They make no trouble. They don’t create chaos or act violently. And then you see those going out to support terrorism. They wreak havoc on society. They are violent. They yell and scream rather than talk and sing. The difference between the two sides is so clear that you really wonder how people don’t see it.

It’s so simple. One side embraces love, life, and peace and the other side embraces destruction, murder, and violence. One side smiles and is filled with joy, the other side is filled with a burning hatred. Wake up, world. Why is it so difficult to see it?

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