Graphic Warning: Eyewitness Account of the Oct. 7th Massacre

by Phil Schneider

“Innocent people.” “Civilians harmed.” “Civilians suffering.” “Israel must do more to protect lives.” These are the words that Kamala Harris and Secretary of Defense Austin have claimed that protecting the Palestinian civilians must be a strategic imperative of Israel’s war. It is clear that America wants Israel to destroy Hamas and then hand over the entire area to the Palestinian Authority. Pure madness. Israel did that in 2005. That is what led to the massive Hamas war today. But what should Israel do after destroying Hamas?

Dr. Mordechai Kedar’s opinion is that Israel must reconstruct Gaza into six separate canyons where the Arabs who live in these areas can run their own lives, but with absolutely no weapons at all. All security matters must be run by Israel. The Palestinian Authority failed when they were handed Gaza in 2005 and they are failing today to do anything but rile up the masses of Arabs to hate Israel.

The only true difference between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is that the Hamas is crystal clear about their intentions and the Palestinian Authority sometimes succeeds in making believe that they are really only interested in a country of their own. But, anybody who understands Arabic who listens to the leaders of the Palestinian Authority knows that they have one clear intention – to destroy the State of Israel and nothing else.

But truthfully, all one needs to do is to go to any mass Arab funeral, or mass demonstration of Arabs in Judea and Samaria, or even a demonstration on a college campus in America, and the same chants are heard. “Death to the Jews.” “From the River to the Sea.” No need to try to figure out the meaning of these words. It is the same terrible Nazi-like ideology to destroy the Jewish race. Remember – nobody beheads children, rapes women, or kidnaps grandmothers over a land dispute.

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