This Takes Jewish Music to a Whole New Level

by Leah Rosenberg

Like Jewish music? Then You’ll definitely want to see this music video. It’s a great reminder of how awesome it is to be a Jew!

Jewish Music Video On How Great it is to be a Jew

Another great song by Jewish singer Ari Goldwag. It is really a special thing to be a Jew. Although the world makes it seem like it is something bad, Jewish people need to know how amazing it is to be part of G-d’s chosen people. Sometimes, we need a reminder. And that’s why this Jewish music video is great! There is some Jewish music that is slow and inspiring, and some Jewish music, like this song, is fast and inspiring.

If you need a good, upbeat music video, this is definitely it. We all feel a little down sometimes. But let’s use music like this to pick us up!

The Lyrics:

It’s Geshmak to be a Yid
It’s so sweet to be a Jew
There’s a flavor just for you
Taste the joy of our Holy Torah.

Translation of the Hebrew Lyrics:
We thank You Hashem our G-d and the G-d of our fathers
That You placed us amongst those who learn in the house of study
And You did not place us amongst those who sit on the corners.
We get up in the morning, and so do they.
We get up to study words of Torah.
We run and they run.
We are running toward the life of the World to Come Torah, Holy Torah.
It’s Awesome to be a Jew.

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