Antisemitism Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against This Song

by Leah Rosenberg

This song feels very relevant to our world today. Antisemitism is on the rise. And Jews are feeling it. What can they do?

Don’t Let Antisemitism Keep You Down

The message in this song by Ari Goldwag is a message that every Jew need to hear. In a world filled with far too much antisemitism, it can be hard to feel proud to be a Jew. But this song reminds us what our purpose is. We are servants of G-d. We are here to bring His name into the world. Often times, it is difficult to do that. Very difficult. It requires sacrifice and determination.

Jews have been oppressed and persecuted for thousands of years. We shouldn’t even be here anymore. And yet, we are. We are here, and we are proud. We have come back home to our Jewish land. The Jewish people don’t give up. Staying proud in the face of so much hatred isn’t an easy task.

But no Jew should ever apologize for being Jewish. No Jew should ever apologize for having his own country to call home. No Jew should ever feel like he is inferior to others because he serves G-d and follows His ways. The lyrics in the song say, “I’m not gonna change who I am. I’m not gonna cower and hide.” A Jew must stand strong and proud. A Jew must stand tall and do what’s right even when the world is trying to push him down.

Because as we usher in the final redemption, you want to be standing on the right side – the side that stands with G-d.

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