How Did Israel Attack Iran’s Drone Factory?

by David Mark

While most of the world assumes Israel was behind the destruction of Iran’s drone factory in Isfahan, it remains stunned on how the Mossad was able to carry out the attack so deep inside Iran.

To understand why the Mossad has such free movement in Iran, it is important to understand the ethnic makeup of Iran. Most assume Iranians are Persian. However, the country’s ethnic makeup is far more complicated than that. For example two ethnic groups Azerbaijanis and Kurds make up over 35% of Iran’s population. Both of these populations are antagonistic to the regime in Tehran.

Israel and Azerbaijan have a solid working relationship, cultivated over the years. Israel’s Mossad runs operations from Azerbaijan’s southern military bases on its border with Iran. Israel also works closely with Kurdish groups in Northern Iraq allowing it to penetrate the porous border with Iran. These groups also have a tight relationship with Kurdish dissidents inside Iran.

Inside the north-west of Iran, these two ethnic groups hold sway and with that control, it allows Israel to advance well inside the center of the country. Once Israeli forces can reach far inside, an attack on the Isfahan is not complicated.

The attack on Isfahan reveals just how vulnerable Iran is to foreign attacks – especially when a large percentage of their citizens are willing to work with Tehran’s most determined enemy – Israel.

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