Must-See Documentary Exposes the Making of One of the Most Evil Men in History 

by Leah Rosenberg

How do people become evil? Are they born evil? Is it genetic? It is very difficult to argue in this direction. Perhaps they are born during turbulent times in difficult situations that force them to live in ways that are very challenging. And then, at some point in their life, due to mistreatment or abuse, they choose to live a lifestyle that is evil? Perhaps.

All of these directions are difficult to prove. But one thing is clear. Children and young adults who go through all kinds of trauma in their childhood, including not having a stable family, are at a steep disadvantage when they begin their journey into adulthood. Some may choose to overcome their challenges and achieve great things. But some will take their talents and wrath and turn into agents of destruction. That seems to have been the case of Adolf Hitler. This fascinating film explores the life and times of the young Adolf Hitler, from his birth till his time of power.

It would seem that the two most important aspects of young Adolf’s life were the lack of a father figure in his life and the tragic impacts of World War I. But that would be an oversimplification. In so many cases, the father figure is such a critical aspect of a person’s growth. Remove the father and havoc breaks loose. But World War I, the most underrated war in history, left an indelible mark on nearly everyone lucky enough to survive it.

Nearly every German soldier felt like the war was stolen from them. They thought there had to be a conspiracy that stole the war from them. Their land had not been conquered and the fought valiantly. Yet, they lost the war. Hitler, a vicious racist anti-Semite from before the War saw this as his great opportunity to trounce on the negative emotions that the effects of the War stirred up.

But just as important as it is to understand Adolf Hitler, it is important to understand that their are others in the world today who wish they could have the power of an Adolf Hitler. The free world must stop the tyrants in their tracks before they accrue so much power so as to threaten the entire free world with destruction.

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