This Rap Song Has Hamas Shaking with Fear

by Leah Rosenberg

This is definitely not your average rap song. Listen to the powerful words. The IDF and the people of Israel are unbreakable with G-d.

Rap Song Gives Unbelievably Powerful Message

When you hear a rap song like this, it will just blow you away. The words are extremely meaningful. And they send a clear message to the enemies of the Jewish people.

The IDF and the nation of Israel will not stop until victory is achieved. And we know we cannot achieve victory without G-d. Our physical efforts along with our spiritual efforts is the path to beating our enemies. Throughout Jewish history, the two have gone hand in hand. We need those who fight physically and those who study the Torah and pray. And sometimes, those same soldiers in the IDF are also praying and learning Torah!

But one thing is clear: The people of Israel cannot be broken. We have been through unimaginable suffering and pain throughout history. And yet, we have always turned to G-d and kept our religion. One of the lines in the song is, “When logic ends, faith suddenly begins.” There is comfort in knowing that G-d controls everything and has a reason for what He does. With G-d on our side, we won’t be defeated – even by the most vicious of enemies.

The enemies of Israel should wake up and read about the thousands of years old history of the Jewish people. We have existed and survived through each enemy. All those enemies are gone, and we are still here. Our current enemies will have the same fate as our enemies throughout history.

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