Khan Yunis Begins To Fall As The IDF Crushes Hamas

by Micha Gefen

The IDF announces that soldiers from the Givati Brigade raided the main headquarters of Hamas’ Khan Yunis Brigade. The complex was used by Hamas for training to prepare for the October 7th pogrom.

Known as the al-Qadsia outpost, the complex also housed the office of Muhammad Sinwar. Muhammad Sinwar was not only a senior Hamas military commander, but also the brother of Hamas’ leader, Yahya Sinwar.

Al-Qadsia was the main outpost belonging to Hamas’ Khan Yunis Brigade. The complex included a training ground with mock entrances to Israeli communities, IDF bases, and military vehicles. According to the IDF, another part of al-Qadsia included a Hamas command center and offices belonging to the Khan Yunis Brigade’s senior commanders as well as a rocket depot and tunnel leading to a vast underground network.

IDF soldiers also found a weapons manufacturing site nearby the compound. When the IDF arrived to raid al-Qadsia, troops discovered that Hamas had booby-trapped the area with explosive devices, which were neutralized by combat engineers.

Hamas gunmen also tried to ambush troops from an area near the outpost, the IDF said. Hamas fighters opened fire on the IDF soldiers The troops responded with sniper fire, tank shelling and airstrikes, killing all of the terrorists.

The Givati Brigade has been carrying out an offensive in Khan Yunis for the past two months. Commander of the Givati Brigade, LTC Liron Bitito stated: “The Givati Brigade combat team raided the flagship position and training center used by the Khan Yunis Brigade and destroyed it. This is a very significant compound where many weapons were found. In addition, the brigade is operating resolutely in western Khan Yunis and is succeeding in driving the terrorists out of their hiding places every day. I am proud to lead a brigade like Givati in this war. The current generation has proven to be no less committed and moral than previous generations. The Givati Brigade will continue to be wherever needed and anywhere we are asked.”

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