This Muslim is Banned from 20 Countries – Here’s Why

by Leah Rosenberg

Does it make sense to be a Muslim and be banned from Muslim countries for no reason? Look at what Nas Daily did.

This Muslim Beat His Own People’s System

Nas Daily has the goal of bringing people together. He wants to show people about the world. He doesn’t care about politics. So when he was banned from 20 countries because of the fact that he’s an Israeli citizen with an Israeli passport, he did something to make sure he can go to those 20 countries to teach the world about…the world. Nas Daily is the type of person that thinks outside the box.

It is truly absurd that he was banned from those Muslim countries only because of the fact that he is an Israeli citizen. He in fact is Muslim! It is ridiculous – for many reasons – that he’s not allowed in those countries.

But at least Nas Daily discovered a way to get around that so he can do his unique work.

One day, this won’t be an issue. Israelis won’t be banned from countries. Hatred won’t exist anymore. But until then, those like Nas Daily will continue to do their inspiring work. Those like Nas Daily will continue trying to bring more positivity in the world instead of more hate. Not everything has to be about a heated topic. Not every video has to be about something sensitive. And that is exactly what Nas Daily is about. Just sharing different things about different people and cultures. You gotta see his work!

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