You will never learn more about hi-tech and marketing – Nas Daily Meets Hillel Fuld

by Phil Schneider

Nas Daily is an international phenomenon. He is one of the top content creators in the land of social media. Hillel Fuld understands, presents, and personally boosts the Israeli tech scene more than anyone else – by far. When these two giants meet at the Our Crowd summit in Israel, pearls of wisdom come out one after another.

Nas Daily has traveled the world and created amazingly popular videos on an enormous amount of countries and cultures. His persistence is so impressive. What he accomplished in a few years is simply amazing. The lesson in marketing and business is all about seeing things through. As Hillel and Nas agree – Consistency wins.

But the highlight comes when Nas and Hillel discuss the secrets of keeping life and his videos interesting – again and again. Nas is a super-impressive personality.

A Jew and an Arab

If it would not have been mentioned, then you would never know it – but these two people are a Jew and an Arab from the Land of Israel. This is the side of Israel that so few know about, but so many need to know about this reality. I’m sure that if they talk through political matters, Hillel and Nas will probably reach some points of disagreement. But – it doesn’t matter. What matters in life is not political agreement. Even ideological agreement. What matters in this world are so many other things that allow us to focus our energies on positive constructive things.

Oh yeah. By the way, there’s a reason that the most famous Arab in the world on social media is from – you got it – Israel. It’s called trickle-down Start-Up Nation. Nas is truly one of a kind.

Arab Incitement
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