Must See Interview Between Bibi and Ben Shapiro 

by Phil Schneider

When Benjamin Netanyahu and Ben Shapiro get together, it will not be a debate between adversaries. The two are the very best in their respective fields and see many things eye-to-eye. Netanyahu has already established himself as the very top of the Israeli political system, serving as Prime Minister longer than any other Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Ben Shapiro, still in his 30’s, has established himself as the very top of his field in journalism.

There are probably very few things that the two think differently about. But, one must give credit where it is due. While Ben Shapiro was in college and just beginning his career as a journalist and political writer, Benjamin Netanyahu was already serving as Prime Minister of Israel – back in the 90’s. The two may have similar outlooks on Israeli policy. But much of that is due to Benjamin Netanyahu being a source of inspiration for the younger Shapiro.

But in today’s day and age, Netanyahu needs Ben Shapiro in order to prop up his political future. Netanyahu is till hoping to serve as Prime Minister yet another few terms. Israel does not have term limits, which is probably a bad thing. But Shapiro and Netanyahu did not discuss that hot potato issue as they probably would disagree on that.

In the upcoming elections in Israel, Netanyahu is hoping to rebuild his coalition that he had worked with in his previous terms in office. Shapiro understands the intricacies of the Israeli political system well and was able to get into the details with the former Prime Minister. A real pleasure hearing these two heavyweights discuss the realities of a Biden-led America and the continual existential threats that Israel faces from Iran.

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