This Might be the Most Absurd New York Times Op-Ed to Ever be Written

by Phil Schneider

Ben Shapiro rips apart the argument that in order to save democracy what is needed is to stifle freedom of speech. It is patently amazing that an op-ed in the New York Times newspaper would actually support the stifling of one side of a most important argument in today’s politics. But it is as absurd as it is predictable. The radical left is so illiberal today that it doesn’t come as a surprise at all that the ideals of liberalism and protecting the first amendment have been thrown out the window by so many supposed Liberals who masquerade as caring about the rights of others.

What is actually going on today is a direct attack on democracy itself by a radical fringe that is becoming much more than a fringe. Bernie Sanders was the presidential candidate that embodied the ideas that they support. The key word is socialism. The key concept is a big and controlling government. Whether or not the ultimate goal that they have is to be Communist or not is not the point. What is clear is that the goal is to use government as the solution to deal with all of societal ills.

What is needed today is a clear voice that enunciates the basic values that Ronald Reagan espoused. The solution to our problems is not more government. The problem more often than not IS government. When the government is reigned in and the free market is allowed to dominate, freedom grows. Where freedom grows, prosperity grows.

But today’s Oval Office is dominated by ideas that curb our freedoms and try to steward the economy out of the pandemic mess via massive spending, meaning massive government overreach. The results are clear to see for anyone to see. Inflation, empty store shelves, and less freedom. This coupled with irresponsible and dangerous decisions to defund the police in various cities has led to massive crime waves. We need more police and more freedom of speech, not less police and less freedom of speech.

Roe vs. Wade

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