Hamas Claims Israel Uses “Killer Zionist Dolphins” to Spy

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas has been mocked for this strange claim against Israel. How can people not mock this terror group for making such allegations?

Hamas Makes Absurd Claim Against Israel

There is always something else that Hamas is claiming against Israel. But at the end of the day, what the world needs to know is that Hamas is a terror organization, and the Jewish state is not. It’s that simple. Israel is a democracy; a flourishing and vibrant country. Hamas rules over the Gaza strip, oppresses its own people, uses money for terror instead of food, kills its own, and the list goes on and on. The Israeli government definitely has its issues and needs to improve, but you can be sure they are not doing what Hamas – a terror organization – is doing. Israel protects and defends its citizens from rockets; Hamas uses humans to protect its rockets.

Whether the claims Hamas makes against Israel are as absurd as this one or not, it is hard to believe and listen to anything a terrorist organization says. You can never trust them, and people need to realize that. They are not a government to make peace with. They are terrorists. Period.

Col. Kemp

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