The Remarkable Missions to Rescue Ethiopia’s Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

Ethiopia’s Jews have had a long and trying exile, but they have never given up their yearning to live in the land of Israel.

The Strong Yearning of Ethiopia’s Jews

These rescue missions were unbelievable. They were historic. It is amazing that Israel set out to save Ethiopia’s Jews and bring them home. There are still many in Ethiopia who need to be rescued, and hopefully, Israel will carry out more missions to bring those Jews home as well. No Jew should be left behind.

There is much to say about Israel and its daring rescue missions, but something that must not be ignored is the yearning and desire of the Ethiopian Jews to return home to their ancient homeland. It was a challenging and difficult endeavour, to say the least. Thousands were killed and died as a result of trying to return home to Israel. Israel is amazing for bringing them home, but we must acknowledge the sacrifices that the Ethiopians Jews made to actually come home!

Ethiopia’s Jews never gave up. That yearning that is deep inside every Jew is remarkable. And the Jews of Ethiopia have shown it. For thousands of years, they were far removed from the Jewish homeland. And somehow, they managed to keep that spark of Judaism and connection to Israel alive. They fanned the flames of their bond to their ancestral homeland. That is not something that is easy to do for thousands of years, but they did it. And it is truly inspiring.

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