This is Why People Hate the Jews – and the Solution

by Phil Schneider

You will never see a more concise explanation as to why so many people hate the Jewish people and what the one solution is to combatting the issue once and for all. Hatred of the Jewish people goes back as long as Judaism exists. It is not hundreds of years old. It is literally several thousand years old. 

It goes back to the time that the Jewish people began their ultimate purpose of bringing concepts such as truth and absolute morality into the world. Any attempt to make serious progress on this front has always been met by serious pushback by those who prefer to live lives devoid of absolute morals.   

The first Jew, Abraham, brought these values to his family and then to the rest of his surroudings. But it would take at least 3-4 generations till the Jewish people emerged as a people and not just a large family. This occurred in Egypt when the Jewish people exploded in a matter of a few generations from 70 people to a few million people.

Once they were a force to be reckoned with, the ideals spread. But so did the pushback. To this day, the Jewish people have been known for their bickersome and stiff-necked nature. But the patience of the Hand of G-d that guides history has continuded moving the process along till one day, a unified Jewish people will indeed serve as a Light Unto the Nations. 

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