Biden Got Totally Busted by This Spot-on Comedy Skit

by Phil Schneider

In the history of presidential elections, there has never been a better time for comics to have a field day every day. The rest of this election year will most certainly feature gaffes and outlandish statements by two of the most unique candidates to ever grace the United States of America.  

Donald Trump makes at least one hilarious or ridiculous statement nearly every time he speaks. His advisors have already become used to the fact that daily damage control is a built-in aspect of managing his affairs. But Trump’s entertaining style, even when it includes ridiculous statements, swallow up so much of the air-time from his opponents that it actually has become a chaotically effective strategy of controlling the mass media narratives.  

On the other hand, Joe Biden who is around 20-25 years past his prime is amazingly sill hanging on to the reins and running for reelection. Whatever medicines his doctors are prescribing are doing amazing things for him. He is still more or less holding his own despite having major short-term memory and cognitive struggles.

But Ol’ Joe has been in politics for so long – more than 50 years – that he is able to pull from his long-term memory in order to still sound somewhat in control of his reasoning and decision-making. In the years after the Biden White House saga ends, the stories will come out as to who really was running the country during the Biden years. Many of Barack Obama’s staff are certainly involved. But it is not as simple as it seems. Jill certainly is probably more involved than most realize and some critical advisors are clearly impacting on policy too. Antony Blinken may be the Secretary of State with more control over his President than any other Secretary of State since Kissinger. 

Despite Biden’s pressure on the State of Israel to create a Palestinian State – an outdated policy relic of previous Presidential administrations – Biden has been surprisingly supportive of Israel following Oct. 7th. Obama certainly would have thrown Israel under the bus in a much worse fashion. So, there are others who are nudging Biden’s policy making. 

Either way, the USA under Biden has been a laughing stock on the world theatre, and that invites aggression. Putin’s aggression has grown and grown over the Biden years and truly does threaten stability in Eastern Europe. Chinese and Russian cooperation truly endanger the stability of the entire world. The US is declining in world influence while NATO and SEATO are both struggling to find their proper footing.

Donald Trump may not inspire calm in the studios of networks or in the Halls of Congress. But his foreign policies from his 1st term have proven to be excellent and actually inspired calm among the bad actors of the world. North Korea stopped making noise, Iran struggled to survive finanically and Putin stayed quiet. 

Americans seem to care most about domestic policies such as immigration, crime and concerns of runaway inflation. But the main concerns probably ought to be the fast-shrinking inluence that America is having on the world stage and the creeping expansionism of China and Russia. If trends continue as they are now, America will be living under the thumb of China in a matter of a few decades.

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