WATCH: IDF Strikes 400km Into Lebanon, Killing Hezbollah Fighters

by Micha Gefen

The IDF stuck deep into Lebanese territory today in what is known as the Baalbek region. The Baalbek is about 400km north of Israel most northern area and is a major route for Iranian transfer of weapons into Hezbollah hands.

After today’s strike, Reuters cited an Lebanese source that claimed two Hezbollah fighters were killed. Today’s strike now confirmed by the IDF is far into Lebanon and lis liable to raise the conflict to another level altogether. Lebanese media also reported that IAF jets were seen over Beirut. However, Israel did not confirm the story.

With Rafah in Israel’s sights, focus is moving to Israel’s North where the bulk of the IDF is now placed. There is an expectation that the Great Northern War will erupt some time in the next month as the winter ends.

The US is trying to convince both Israel and Hezbollah to pull back. However, this is unlikely as Israel must return its 60k plus civilians to the North and Hezbollah cannot retreat or become ostracized in Arab society.

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