Watch: Israeli Motorist Narrowly Escapes Hezbollah Missile

by Micha Gefen

Hezbollah shot more than 100 rockets and missiles at Israel over the last 48 hours causing widespread destruction and some near fatal situations in Northern Israel.

The video above shows rockets narrowly missing Israeli motorists in Northern Israel. This is just one of many strikes against Israel in the last 48 hours which has seen an exponential increase in attacks from Hezbollah against Israel. Perhaps the most important target in Israel that Hezbollah targeted is the strategic base on top of Mount Meron.

Hezbollah fired some 35 rockets at the base, causing no damage as many of the projectiles were intercepted and others hit open areas. Hezbollah also sent multiple drones into the upper Galilee, forcing residents into safe rooms across the North.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi warned that Hezbollah will “pay a very high price” for its continued attacks on northern Israel.

“Hezbollah decided on October 7th, in the evening, that it is joining. For that it must pay a very high price,” Halevi stated during an assessment at the 146th Division’s HQ earlier today.

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