This is Why Israel Will Not Stop Until They Obliterate Hamas

by Phil Schneider

If Israel had a few soldiers taken hostage by Hamas, they would be justified in doing whatever was necessary to bring them home. If Israel had even one young child taken hostage by Hamas, Israel would be justified in doing whatever necessary to bring the child home. Yes, whatever necessary. When dealing with barbarians, everything is different.

Israel must call a spade a spade. Israel and soon the rest of the world must wake up to this very troubling fact. The Arabs in their midst are barbaric. They are a nation that praises, encourages, and funds rape, terror, killing of children, and mass hostage taking.

240 Israelis are in the midst of torture by the Hamas. This nightmare has been ongoing for one month. That includes children and even babies, some of whom are orphans, as there parents were brutally killed. Hamas did not merely attack Israel like Russia attacked Ukraine. Hamas massacred Jews because they were Jews. Hamas and their collaborators in Western democracies who rally behind them are barbarians who support raping Jews, killing Jewish children, and kidnapping grandparents. There are no red lines that these people have.

There is indeed a humanitarian issue in the Middle East. It is the 240 Israeli men, women, children, babies, and grandparents that the Hamas is holding. There is a humanitarian issue on college campuses in America and abroad. Masses of people have come out publicly to support the barbaric massacres of Jews. These people are all potential terrorists. It is good that they should be allowed to speak. But they should be denounced by anyone who has a conscience and a basic appreciation for the difference between good and evil.

Anyone who doesn’t wake up and start to live a different life post-October 7th will be swept away by the winds of our times. Israel will return it’s hostages. Israel will not rest until Jewish blood is no longer cheap. But the threats will not go away. They will grow with time.

Every Jewish town in Israel is arming itself and preparing to make sure that in future massacre attempts, the barabarians will be stopped in their tracks outside of the Jewish towns. Then the Israeli Army will finish the job. Never Again.

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