This is What Will Bring the Redemption Closer

by Leah Rosenberg

There are many different types of Jews. And yet, they find ways to unite. The more we unite, the faster the redemption will come.

When the Jewish People Unite, the Redemption Comes Faster

The Jewish people are often able to unite despite all of their differences. But we should not wait for sad times or sad days to unite and show our love for each other. Yes, we all come from different backgrounds. And that actually is something beautiful. Although Jews have different traditions and cultures, they are all part of one big family. Embracing that can bring the redemption closer.

G-d did not intend that every Jew should be the exact same. He created us all differently. There are 12 different tribes of Israel, and they all had and have different jobs and purposes.

Maybe if more of the Jewish nation realized that, then there would be less fighting. Maybe there would be less hatred amongst the greater Jewish family if people truly internalized that we are all diverse yet should still love each other. It is totally ok to be diverse. Every person brings his own strengths (and weaknesses) to a relationship. No one is perfect. But what one person is lacking another person can fill in. We have opportunities to create a beautiful family if we are willing to accept and embrace our differences.

We pray everyday that the Temple should be rebuilt. But are we all doing our own part to help bring the redemption faster? Are we showing love for our extended family – the entire Jewish nation?

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