This is the Song You Need Before Bringing in the Holy Shabbat

by Leah Rosenberg

There is something absolutely stunning about this tune that is being sung to a well-known Shabbat prayer. You’ll be happy you listened.

Shabbat and Prayer

Shabbat, or Shabbos/Sabbath, is a time that is filled with song and prayer. There are many different times to pray and connect to G-d throughout the holy day. Everyone connects in a different way, and that is the beauty of Judaism. We do not all need to feel close to G-d by doing the same thing.

Some feel close through the beautiful songs of Shabbos. As Jews bring in Shabbos after sunset on Friday, there is a special song that is sung at the prayer service. It is called Lecha Dodi. There are many stanzas, and the tune here is a gorgeous tune for the last stanza of the prayer.

Music can help people connect to G-d, to each other, and to the Shabbat. Let this song enter your soul and uplift you on Shabbos and throughout the week.


This day is the day that we prayed for
We’re made for
We’ll wait for
When the bride returns to the place where
the space where
she belongs there.

When Hashem invites us back in now
we’ll know how
He’ll show how
His nation to His palace return now
we’ll learn how with all the world now…

Translation of Hebrew:
Come in peace, crown of her husband
In both joy and ecstasy
Amongst the trusted of the treasured nation
Come bride, come bride
Let us go, my beloved, to greet the bride
Let us receive the Shabbos (Shabbat).

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