Russia and Saudi Arabia Cut Oil Output, Threatening America

by David Mark

In what appears to be a checkmate on American energy consumption – Saudi Arabia and Russia agreed to cut oil output by 2 million barrels a day.

With American energy prices already sky high and the economy teetering on collapse, the oil cut may be the move that breaks the USA. While Russia’s decision is no surprise, MBS’s part in this is. The USA has provided Saudi Arabia with advanced weaponry and included it in its defense umbrella – so why has Saudi Arabia decided to side with Putin?

The biggest reason is Biden’s weak leadership with the addition of America’s desire for a new nuclear deal with Iran. Saudi Arabia wants to stick it to the Biden administration. By cutting oil output – Russia and Saudi Arabia are pressing American citizens to the brink.

Biden’s team has one choice – they need to either up domestic production of oil or face a systemic collapse.

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