This is the Only Thing That Can Save America

by Leah Rosenberg

What’s happening is tragic. People are trying to get rid of Judeo-Christian values! Western civilization cannot survive without them.

Judeo-Christian Values – What Are They?

This video about Judeo-Christian values is not only informative, but what is said here is critical to keeping Western civilization alive and thriving. The fact that the Left is trying to throw these values in the garbage is shocking. Destroying these values is destroying the very foundation of America and the Western world.

It is mind-blowing that there are those who don’t see Judeo-Christian values as important. If there was a person who had never heard of these values and spoke to those who seek to throw them away, that person might assume these were bad values. They might assume these values are destructive to human civilization. And then when that person learns what these values really are, he would be shocked that anyone would try to discard them.

We need to share the importance of Judeo-Christian values. People need to know the truth. People need to understand why the free world cannot survive without these morals.

The far Left is trying to push all of their agendas because they don’t value morals. They are stomping upon the very essence of the country. They are trampling upon everything the founders of America poured their hearts and souls into. It’s sickening, it’s terrifying, and we must put an end to it. The future of America and Western civilization depends on everything the Left is trying to erase.

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