This guy’s response to Muslims yelling at him is PRICELESS!

by Leah Rosenberg

As the Muslims yell at the Jewish people in the old city of Jerusalem, the response was perfect. Anger? No. Violence? No. Take a look at these Jews dancing!

The Perfect Response: Jews Dancing

Things in the Jewish state are not always smooth sailing. Many Palestinian Arabs want the Jewish people to leave their own state. They want to obliterate the Jewish nation and the Jewish state. Of course, some Muslims want to live in peace with the Jews. They would even rather live under Israeli rule rather than the leadership of their own people!

But sometimes, those Muslims who do not want peace like to disturb and cause a commotion. They like to do whatever they can to bother the Jewish people, even if it is not violent. In this video, you can hear the way they chant, “Allahu Akbar” very loudly as the Jews walk through the old city of Jerusalem. They begin to chant other things as well. The response? First one Jew begins to dance. And then you have Jews dancing in a circle together and singing about the rebuilding of the Temple. Instead of yelling back, they chose to dance!

The Jews Want Peace

The Jewish people want peace. They just want to live peacefully in their own homeland. They do not try to instigate, they do not stab and shoot their Palestinian Arab neighbors for no reason. And this video speaks for itself. It shows you how the Jewish response to the Muslims trying to provoke them is just dancing and singing to God. Why don’t you see this on the news? Why won’t the news outlets show you how the Jews act with respect and act peacefully? Because they do not want to make Israel look peaceful. That goes against their narrative.

But for those who know the truth about the Jewish nation, they know that the Jews just want to live without war in their land, serving God, in peace.

Arab Incitement
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