The discovery that the Muslims are trying to rebury

by Chaya Cikk

This discovery that took place in Israel is amazing. Israel may be a modern state but the land is thousands of years old. Guess what? Muslims are trying to bury this ancient history.

The Discovery

Israel is not just a modern state looking towards the future. There is so much technology being invented in Israel that will help with a brighter future. Israel has been around for thousands of years and with so much ancient history there are so many things to discover.

This specific discovery took place in Be’er Sheva, in the south of Israel. Almost an entire village was discovered, houses, ritual baths, a watchtower, trash pits, an oil lamp and much more. Considering this village is around 2000 years old everything has been preserved extremely well.

Additionally, archaeologists have also found underground hideouts. Which they believe are from the Bar Kochba revolt. When the Jews tried to rebel against the Roman Empire. Finally, walking through these ancient villages you can really feel history coming to life. You can truly imagine how these people used to live.

Why Do The Muslims Want To Bury This?

Finding these ancient cities with all these artifacts that have lasted thousands of years, proves that there was once Jewish life here. This would mean that Jews have been living in Israel for thousands of years. This claim would mean the Jews have a right to the land of Israel and the Muslims do not want that.

The Muslims want to make sure the Jews have no connection to the land, as they wish to claim it all to themselves. But eventually, even if this is all reburied, the truth will prevail and come out in the end. You can not hide the truth. This is the land that God promised the Jewish People.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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