The Yemenite experience in the Old City of Tzfat

by Michael Sax

Yemenite experience in Safed – an original experience that can’t be beat. The next time you’re here, make sure to try Lahuh!

Safed (also known as Tzfat) is a city located in northern Israel. It is located on a high elevation, and as such has warm summers and snowy winters. Safed is closely associated with Jewish mysticism and kabbalah. According to the book of Judges, the Naftali Tribe’s region includes Safed.

Arab riots

On August 29, 1929, arabs killed 20 Jewish people in Safed. According to newspaper reports, a Scottish man who was there stated: “On the afternoon of Thursday the 29th… one of our church members came running to tell us that ‘all the Jews were being killed.’ A few minutes later we heard women shrieking their ‘jubilant refrain’ from the Moslem quarter and saw men running with axes and bludgeons in their hands, urged on by women…we heard rifle and machine gun fire all around us…Wild Arabs had come up from the valley unexpectedly into the Jewish quarter and began at once a systematic slaughter of the Jews. Some escaped with injury only but 22 were killed outright in the town…The inhumanity of the attack was beyond conception. Women were gashed in the chest, babies were cut on the hands and feet, old people were killed and plundered.”


Safed is popular place for tourists. There are many activities and historical sites. As well, there are ancient synagogues there that date back about five hundred years. It also has an artist colony that make original pieces of art. Some people buy unique candles there, while others visit the old prayer centers and bask in the holiness.

The scenery is beautiful. Since Safed is situated so high, one can see great distances and enjoy the greenery. Many hikers pass by here while hiking in Israel’s northern areas. It also has hotels and hostels readily available.

Arab Incitement
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