A heartfelt visual love letter to the State of Israel

by Michael Sax

From a modern-day miracle to a diverse society, Israel means so much to so many people. Check out this inspirational video.


How can we describe Israel? It’s such a small country with a big reputation. For some people, Israel represents sacred land. It is the land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Israel is where the first and second temples stood. Much of the Torah happened in Israel. Therefore Israel is the Holy Land.

Diverse society

Other people look at Israel and see a diverse society. The country is not just comprised of Jews who have lived there for centuries. It also has many Jewish immigrants who have returned to their homeland. From North America to North Africa, Canada to China, Jews around the world know that Israel is there for them. So we see a diverse society in Israel, yet it is united. Their millennia-old Jewish faith and Jewish homeland unite them.

Israel is a miracle

Israeli is a modern-day miracle. Both the fact that it exists is a miracle, and what comes from Israel is a miracle. An Israeli invention to help paralyzed people walk is a classic example. Another example is the location. Israel is situated in the Middle East and is mostly desert. Yet as Jews returned to their homeland and worked the land, they made the desert bloom! There are many forests in Israel and it is a major fresh produce and flower exporter.

Israel is hard-fought

In the past 100 years or so, arabs tried to destroy Israel on many occasions. In 1929, they massacred Jews in Hebron. Arabs launched many wars on Israel. They had larger and stronger armies. Yet Israel survived. This is truly a miracle and we thank God for Israel.

Israel is home

Consequently, Israel has become a safe haven for Jews fleeing persecution. Antisemitism is rising around the world and Muslim extremists are launching attacks. Jews are returning to their homeland for protection from these threats. They are returning to their homeland because it is their home.

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