Meet the landlord charged with “Islamophobia” — for not taking off shoes!

by Michael Sax

Jailed for Islamaphobia – Sharia law has infiltrated Canada and a Christian man is feeling the heat. John Alabi was recently brought to court by Muslims and you’ll be shocked when you find out why.

The Muslims’ complaint

Many years ago, John Alabi immigrated to Canada from Nigeria. He worked hard at two jobs, and finally saved up enough to by real estate. It seems like everything should be going well for John. But then legal troubles began. What was his crime? It all goes back to his Muslim clients.

John Alabi had Muslim tenants. When John went to their unit, which was on his property, John didn’t take his shoes off. As a result, he was labelled a human rights violator because he refused to submit to his tenants’ religion.

The court decides about John Alabi

The Canadian court decided in favor of the Muslim tenants. It ordered John to pay them twelve thousand dollars and take an e-course on human rights.

The Rebel heard about this, and realized how ludicrous it is. They started to raise funds for John. However, it gained so much attention that now John is appealing the court.

Seriously? Getting taken to court, for wearing shoes on his own property?!? The court decided the Muslim tenants were right? What is going on in Canada? How far has Sharia law infiltrated?

That is why this fundraising campaign is so important. It shows John that he is not alone. Furthermore, it shows that other people support him. What are your thoughts? Do you think John is right? Or do you think his tenants are correct? As this case is making waves around the world, it’s important for John to get support. He has a long road ahead of him and every little bit of support is appreciated.

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