Meet the women on the frontline of the battle for female freedom in the Islamic world

by Michael Sax

Radical Islam has slaughtered Christians and Jews around the world. It also attacks Muslims who are not as fanatical as the terrorists. Finally, a group of Muslim women are standing up to radical extremist Muslim ideology.

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Anila fights back against radical extremist Muslim ideology

Anila is a Muslim activist who was born in Pakistan and moved to the United States. Her childhood in a Muslim environment is vastly different than the Muslim world that exists today. Back then, she does not recall hatred to Jews of Christians. Muslims didn’t have radical ideas against us then. Yet she saw everything change after September 11.

After 9/11, everything changed. Anila recalls Muslims held was new radical plots against Jews and Christians. They sought to slaughter them. Some Muslims began to indoctrinate others to hate Western ideas. Anila works with the United States governments to expose harmful Muslim ideology.

Support these women on the front line! Boost for as little as $5.

Raheel speaks publicly

Raheel is another Muslim activist who is against radical extremist Muslim ideology. She has spoken at various events and is well known. In fact, extremist Muslims started writing her hate mail. They issued a fatwa against her, and one person even sent a death threat. Raheel documents all of this yet she doesn’t let it deter her from her mission.

Support these women on the front line! Boost for as little as $5.


Soraya is a Muslim woman from Sri Lanka. She focuses on empowering Muslim women. For too long, she says, Muslim men have been defining roles for women. And there aren’t enough female role models. Soraya won’t accept a situation where her religion or community is treating her improperly. As she says, human rights should supersede religious dogma. One very important topic she raises is that of Islamophobia. Muslims, when faced with something awkward, are quick to label it “Islamophobia”. Right away, this makes them the victim. However, says Soraya, Muslims cannot hide behind the banner of Islamophobia. They need to accept that there are problems with the Muslim community.

These female muslims are leading the way and making a new path for Muslim women. They are willing to confront issues head on, and want to weed out hateful ideology. Hopefully this will lead to a peaceful Islam.

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